Friday, April 2, 2010

2nd April 2010

My journey from Churchill to Melbourne on 2nd April 2010.

Missed the bus, so me and Pam took taxi. As it was Easter Friday yesterday, the bus wasn't as frequent as other normal Friday. Plus, we had to change to coach at Pakenham train station. Efficient I would say.


Looks like someone must be so tired LOL =P

At the Southern Cross station. There was this old train museum sort of thing going on.

Said good bye to Pam as I headed to Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre for basketball with Amir, my high school mate. Pam is in Sydney already with another friend Ana to visit Hitomi, my ex housemate last year in South 1. Wish them a fun-filled holiday! =)
Aish, I'm gonna be a bit lonely I guess when I got back from Melbourne on Sunday. Ore no imoto (my younger sis) is not around..

I just realised that there are many basketballers around the world. And of course, there must be a lot of better basketballers. Man... interesting! XD
That's all for 2nd April 2010. Today, at 8 am, will be leaving for Mornington Peninsular with Amir and his friends. The last time I went there was with my BFFs - Reshme, Yihorng and Yina with her mom. That was really fun. Hope this one will be too. =)

A good break since I miss my family and my mom's ikan goreng berlada. I can't wait to go back in May, to see my bro Adib with his first practical work. I don't know at which company but it's under Petronas.
And I miss this one girl in Singapore too.

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