Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's going on?

If only I didn't put everything at last minute. This Thursday I am going to Melbourne to renew my visa. Finally.

And my assignment is going well so far. Man..I haven't got out of the house at all yesterday. I can really survive on my own eventhough it's a bit lonely..hahahaha

By the way, I thought of putting up the pics from the Flag Night last week. It was alright. Though not many people like last year. And not many people stayed back to take pics with the flags. Some like me and the other basketballers rushed back home to change and went for basketball at Kurnai right after the dessert LOL

Me carrying the flag of Myanmar aka Burma

My man, Semun proudly with his South Korean flag.

The flagbearers

Weng Kwong, a fellow Malaysian. =)

Pamela and Nabil. hehehehe

Me and Dicky.

Ore to Pamela, ore no imoto =P

With the new students (front, seating)

With Greenie (2nd from right) and her bf, Matt. In between me and Wei Kwong is Xinyi. hahaha

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