Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Way Things Are

Salam and greetings people.
New semester has started. I mean Monash Uni's new sem. Man..I really miss them all; Churchill itself, the campus there, the people there, the people used to be there. I believe whoever I am now, what I have become now is mostly because of my 3 years stay there.

I met a lot of people. From different background. I got my best friends as well. I miss the gym of course, I used to have quite hot body according to some of my female friends =P LOL

Before I went to Gippsland, I got to know Zoon, at the predeparture briefing. We are of the same age, but he is one year ahead of me. He was already in second year, transferring from Monash Sunway to Monash Gippsland while I was about to start my first year at Uni.

I miss the good old time I had with Thaya, Derek, Semun, Varun. But mostly with Derek and Semun. They were the first friends I had. I met Semun at the airport, waiting for him with the taxi driver who fetched us up. That was in first year. Derek was Semun's housemate, so that's how I got to know him. =)
Our last trip to Foodwork, now known as Ritchies Supa IGA. From left, Semun Thaya, Derek and Varun.

The machas

In second year, Derek left, Semun got himself a girlfriend hahaha. But I still hung out with him occasionally. But that year, I spent a lot of time with my BFFs (LOL) Greenie, Reshme, Yihorng, Yina, Ivy. I miss Reshme and Yihorng the most. Even now I still feel like I'm the youngest sibling among all of them. Reshme is someone that is honest, and strong on the outside but actually still a sensitive girl. She got a bit of temper sometimes but I kinda like it hahha. Yihorng is simply the most cool and not kancheong kind of dude. He always smiles, always helps others. Sigh.. Now Yihorng is working in Perth, while Reshme is in Malaysia? Anyway I really feel bad because I have done something that hurt them last year..I really hope we can still be BFFs =(
With my man, Semun.
XD With my BFFs! From left, Yihorng, Yina, Reshme, and Greenie at the front. XOXOXO (learned from the girls =P)

Our last time together at South 8, helping Greenie to pack up. LOL

In my third year, a lot of things happened, which make me realised that I was still a bit immature. It's a good thing Greenie is still the same one I know from the previous year. Except that she not only likes Doraemon, she also likes The Simpson. =_= And I got to know Pamela. This woman aaa, she's one of the best female friends I have if not the best. She takes care of others, put others as first priority. She sacrifices a lot for her friends. But I really don't get it why some people are so freaking jealous of her, and start hurting her. Girls who want to be popular maybe. Jeezzz.. Biyaatchh. I hope she will continue to be strong and not give a damn about those people.
Also I started to hang out with Tommy, Sugit, Calvin, Dicky. We were housemates that time. We got to do a lot of fun stuffs really. I am really glad to have met them, and know them. Tommy is the macho kinda guy. We share the same interest; gaming,tennis,movies,cool gadgets. So is Calvin, although sometimes he can be quite mysterious. Both of them are experts when it comes to computer, and I always turned to them whenever my laptop broke down. We always had our dinner together. Calvin likes to cook his lemon chicken, while Tommy, his experimental curry and curry omelette. Dicky is the kind of guy that will slap you back to reality. He is always the cautious one, the careful one. Hahaha, I somehow got his habit of checking the stuff I wanna buy thoroughly. He got my back last time in second year and I am thankful, grateful for that. Thanks man. Sugit reminds me of myself when I was in first year? He is somehow like Pam, hahaha. He's good in football, like super good. Respect. Sugit, Tommy and Dicky are from Indonesia.
My South 1 housemates 2009.From left, Calvin, Caryn, Greenie, Hitomi, Dicky and Tommy.

Our first go-kart outing. From right, Sugit and Chris.

With my man, Tommy the Dubaiman LOL
Mentors for new students in 2nd semester of 2009.

Me and Tony won the badminton tournament organized by Gippsland Residential. I was the president, Tony used to be in Singapore national team. He's so cool la.

With Tommy and Calvin leaving us, at sem 2 2009, we got new housemates, Sugit, Jess and Tony!

With my favourites! XD Dicky and Pam!!
At Phillip Island, with Sugit's friends from Melbourne. And also Jess's boyfriend, Dave at the back.

Won the Sports & Rec Award. I had been busy with badminton club since my second year.

The Malay families there. Know them since my second year. But with the Malay guys' arrival at Gippsland campus last year, things just got better. We had buka puasa together, football, picnic. It just feels like being with my family back home here in Malaysia. Now, I can only see at the pics of them picnicking, fishing, eating!! Aish..
Gambar ni masuk Salam Perantau 2009. Ahaks!
And it was in my third year that I got to know Amalina Sujak. =) First impression, she's sombong. Only after talking to her I somehow thought, maybe she is the shy kinda girl. I was right. LOL

With Amalina Sujak =)

Aish.. I miss all of it.


cahayasuci said...

she's gorgeous when she's wearing kebaya...mmm...but...kalo sepasang...lg cun..(i mean when u wore pink bju melayu) ok... =P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

its not pink.. its red =_=

cahayasuci said...

seriously? ouch...malu...rabun warna rupanya...hehe..neway still is ok what? hurm....=P


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