Friday, March 12, 2010

The Truth

I am back in Gippsland.

The truth is, I still have one more unit left. I failed that unit in 2009 first semester. My lecturer told me I don't have to go for lab anymore. And as the course advisor said that it might be good that I don't have to stay in Gippsland for another semester just because of this one unit, I thought I could just stay in Malaysia. Do internship, and take the final exam in Monash Sunway.
Too bad, things usually don't happen the way you want them too. I was informed that I can't change my exam venue to Sunway. I have to take the exam here. Which leaves me no choice but to renew my student visa which is expiring this Monday 15th March. But it has been sorted out. I hope.

Another problem, I didn't tell some people the truth. The Malays in Gippsland, and some of my friends in Gippsland. I feel really embarassed to face them. Most people are surprised to see me here. But when told about my circumstances (I am prepared to receive a cold-"I can't believe you didn't tell us this"-stare) they seem okay..I mean I am expecting them to be mad, angry that I didn't tell them the truth. That I lied when I said I'm not going to gown day cos I don't like it. I am not going to attend convocation because it's just a ceremony.

I feel bad. Embarassed. I am so shame of myself, what I've done.

And I already bought a ticket home, but I changed the date to 1st April, 2010 after my medical checkup on the 30th March. I don't feel right coming back here...

I am so sorry for not telling the truth...

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