Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moving In

I finally got a place in West residence. It feels good to be back to West. South is alright, just that I need a change of environment, get to know other people and not stuck with the same people. Good thing my house is just next to Pam's. =)

All of my housemates are first year Med students, Australian Asians (got such terms? LOL). So far, they are all friendly. I did say, "Sorry to dissapoint you guys" cause they thought I am a Med student as well. Hahahaha.

For now I am hanging out at the Malay guys' place. Smell of tomyam is making me hungry now.. tomyam anyone? Oh well, I haven't been eating properly so I guess something soupy can do something with my appetite.



1 comment:

*jeSSicA* said...

u are back at gippsland?? i thought u graduated already!


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