Sunday, March 7, 2010

le Tour de Langkawi

People waiting by the road side. And I joined them! Hahaha

Salam and greeting people

After many many years, I finally got to watch le Tour de Langkawi live at Kerteh. The last time I watched those cyclists in action was 11 years ago??? Waaa...

You know the riders LOL are not far if you see the convoys; security car, police patrol, and air unit.

Even before waiting for them by the road side, I had been checking their current location at the official website of Le Tour de Langkawi. I remember picking up my brother from school at 11.30 am because he had to change for his basketball tournament. Some of the students were already waiting! I mean, at that time I checked they were still somewhere in Bukit Besi, which is like an hour or two away from Kerteh? The teachers should have done better, not wasting the students' time waiting for almost 2 hours.

They were so fast!

I was lucky to bring my camera along!

There was a commotion and there I saw this one guy got problem with the rear tyre. That car must be from the same team I guess.

Off he went
That didn't take more than a minute. They managed to replace the tyre in less than a minute. Well, they are trained to do that alright.

It was kinda fun to see a big event happening in my kampung place, in Kerteh. =)


.fatin nabila. said...

kerteh! rindu. tsk.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

rindu ye? sabar la cik fatin nabila =)


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