Monday, March 15, 2010


Just dropped by at my former company's online magazine - Fooyoh!. Can't believe I was there, working for a month. It was really a good experience. I think I wanna talk about it, just a bit. Hahahah =P

There were 8 of us at the time when I worked at the company. What we do; publish articles online on which has other sister sites such as geekapolis, iamchiq, geraldinho, menknowpause. It has pretty much everything in it. Hi-tech gadgets, funny clips, funny pics, tips, advices, short articles, reviews on movies, songs, artists, architectural design, blabla.

I did well on my first day. But it seems that I couldn't do better than first day, so I was quite struggling. Only when I got to do stuffs about football and sports like basketball, I found myself quite comfortable doing the jobs.

Nevertheless, my colleagues who were my seniors there were very helpful and friendly. Oh yeah, the boss is a Korean!

I am really grateful that I got this internship for a month as I have no working experience. Most Malaysians, they have this mindset that since you study science in university, you should go for research, PhD, Master and go be a lecturer or tutor. The fact is, not anyone is suited for that kind of job. And being a science student, I realised that there are other stuff beside experimenting and doing PhD that a science student can do.

Don't people know that science needs to be presented to the public in a way, language that can be comprehended. This is crucial, vital, as scientists do want their works to be acknowledged by the world. How can you market the result you get from your research if you are not sure the right words to speak, the right way to use to the big marketing firm?

I heard a lot of fantastic things about Malaysian students back home, having invented something new, useful and innovative. Not many people know really. Last time, when I was in high school, I heard about the Biovalley program. When I ask people in the industry now, they all just shake their heads. So??

I have so far, know what I am going to do, what I should be aiming for. The working experience I got from Fooyoh! is something that will help me a lot in achieving that.

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