Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flag Ceremony Dinner

Well, it's an annual event. Gonna update you guys more on this. I don't think I have a photo of me at Flag Ceremony Dinner 2007. In that year, I got to carry the flag of Malaysia! Oh yeah!!

I didn't go in 2008 but last year I did. It was the best so far. I'm not sure about this year. Oh, it is called the Flag Ceremony as international students got to carry the flags of their respective countries. The fun part about this event is that, sometimes the International Student Support Unit can't find students from certain countries like Thailand, Myanmar, so other international students who are from Malaysia or Singapore, can volunteer themselves to carry those flags. Hahahaha.

And this time, me, Nabil and Rasyid will be carrying Myanmar, Thailand and Brunei respectively. Hope it will be a bit fun for me.

This was last year. Taken by Amalina Sujak.

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