Sunday, March 14, 2010

Change of Mood

I guess I should stop thinking of myself lowly. Thanks to Bii, friends; Pam, Xinyi, Semun, Greenie, Alva and the Malay families here who have been supportive. I know what I did was really terrible but thanks for not treating me coldly. Appreciate that.

I met Kak Ja & Fam and Abang Zainal & Fam for the first time this year yesterday. Had lunch at KFC and later on dinner there. Me and Nabil played some tennis too. Was pretty tiring since hadn't played tennis for quite some time.

And around 2pm today I went to West court for basketball. Was a good idea to play basketball. Got to meet up with the other basketballers; Jackie, Alfred, Jude, and Ash. After that I went to South 3, where Semun is staying to pass him his cigarette. LOL And I just hanged out at the comp lab until 6.30pm since Pam wanted to make me dinner. So around 6.40 or so, me, Pam and her housemate Jansen, had dinner together. She made her famous vegetarian noodle. As always, it was awesome. Met two Malaysians in their third year of study in Psych. They are from Malaysia, Ee Ching (? not sure if the spelling is correct) and Sue. Was nice chatting with them and of course Xinyi. =)

Thanks to my imoto who is and has always been awesome. I am planning to make a housewarming if I move to West residence later. Gonna ask the Malay guys as well. ;)

As usual the kids are adorable, Irsyad and Aida.

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