Friday, March 5, 2010

Basketball Tournament MSSD Kemaman

On Tuesday, I went to watch my brother's first basketball match. Wanna see how big he is?

Yeah, that big. His school, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Rantau was up against S.M.K.Bukit Mentok, a newcomer to the scene according to my bro's senior, Farid.

The big guy got himself free shots after being fouled, but missed them both. Not by much, almost in.

Sekolah Rantau aka SRP got the skills, and experience as some of the players have been playing for a long time with other schools. The only things they were lacking on that day were athleticism, stamina, strategy and a leader in the court.

True, they have this one guy in the team who manages everything; time table of the match, recruiting new members, but on the court that day, he, not even once gave any instructions to his teammate. My bro was the center but he just started playing at his school last year. All this while, he had been practicing shooting at home. Clearly he has no leadership yet, he's still new and green.

Not having leader on the court proved to be the critical weakness they showed that day. Few players from the opponent team were not guarded. And of course the opponent team played a bit, rough.

Passing the ball around is crucial really. You have to rotate the ball outside the box before you can get an opening to score. SRP's passing was terrible. It is not too much to say that because of that they lost to SMK Bukit Mentok. The passes they made were always intercepted.

I could see that they were dejected to lose the match. They thought they had this in the bag. One word of advice to SRP - train everyday, play everyday.

From watching this match, I could see the difference in level between SBP and Sekolah Harian Biasa in Terengganu. I remember in my last year of high school, 2004, my school team made it to the final of Piala Tun Hamdan Tahir at national level. They cut down many teams en route to the final but were stopped by the better and more experienced Malay College Kuala Kangsar MCKK. They lost by 3 points. Ok, enough about that.

Oh, I wanna show you the basketball prodigy now in NBA - King James!
Yesterday, his alley oop was sensational in the net. Sure he got the athleticism but the timing both the guy who made the assist, Mo Williams and Lebron James was not something that you can just pull off easily just like that.

Check out the video, and you can see Lebron James almost got his head hit the ring too. LOL


cahayasuci said...

ok..he's big...who win? smk bukit mentok? hurm...i know the place....

Raf said...

LOL dude, funny thing

S.M.K.Bukit Mentok, the newcomer, they started playing since last few months, haha back then not more than 2 know what a screen is.

How was the game? How well they played?

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

i must say smk bukit mentok played a bit better than SRP. they know how to find themselves chances to score. i mean, they were almost not guarded throughout the match.. semangat nok mapuh is one more thing hahaha. SRP players not that tough.

don tell me, you coached them??

Raf said...

haha yeah for about 3 weeks or so. Couldn't help much, just with some drills for basic skills and full court plays. These kids never played basketball before. Pening kepale.

Cikgu diorang nak cari coach full time or part time. Ada berminat? haha

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

at least banyak shot diorang masuk. budak2 srp punya shot semua rejected! LOL


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