Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have been a member since...last year? Sometime in April 2009? Anyway, it's a good platform to understand other Malaysian youths. Apparently there are many youths out there trying to make a difference in Malaysia, to Malaysia. Want to see the better Malaysia in the future. By better, we don't really mean technology, by being richer. Not only that. We want Malaysians to have great attitude, personalities. Kata Melayunya, baik akhlak. Regardless of religion, race, skin colour, status, how much money you have.

Things like budi bahasa, personal and public hygiene, cleanliness, badminton thomas cup hehehhe =P

What I'm saying is, I Love Malaysia my country, and I want to see Malaysia to be a better place for all Malaysians. And so that we will feel homesick despite how cool Melbourne is, how good the public transport is oversea.

So, to all Malaysian youths out there, if you want to get your voice heard, want to know what others are thinking, planning, why not give Youthsays a go?

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