Monday, January 11, 2010

You want it, go for it

Yep, that's right, I'm hoping that this summer break, will be totally different from other summer breaks I had before.

Went for interview last Friday in PJ. I came across the job ad on Monash Career Gateway. Basically all I have to do is write 20-30 articles everyday. Hmm, what? Crazy? Hahahha I just want some working experiences here people. =)
Should be alright, I hope?

I met a long lost friend last night. The last time we met, was after Primary 6. And we live nearby only. His house is just behind mine! LOL
See, when it comes to doing thing - meet up with friends, losing weight, get yourself a job, if you put your heart to it and feel like doing it you will get it done. Mission Accomplished.
Not that I never put all my heart in meeting this old friend of mine! Hahahaha!
The point is, despite having a lot of people helping you, supporting you, other driving factors, and all the free time you have, (also money) if you don't start it, then it will never be done.

Go for it if you really mean it! ;)

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