Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A week after my family left Melbourne...I gave up waiting for the berry farm to call me and my other friends, Nabil, Andoc and Wandai. Money running low too. =P
Luckily Mak called me and told me if I wanna go back on Monday since the cheapest ticket (which was 600 dollars!) was only available on that day, and after that, all the prices were like 1000 dollars. So, yeah, Mr D went ahead and took that Monday flight home. LOL

Hmm...what have I done so far since I got back?

Went back to Penang and visit my relatives there.

Went to KL and send my bro Adib off at LCCT.

Went to Singapore too, to see Bii after a total of 177 days =P and also made some new friends there.

More coming soon!!

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