Thursday, January 14, 2010

Laptop Problem

Hmm, though now I can use the Compaq Presario V3000, I am having a dilemma. Like, should I shut it down, or just let it on for few days?

The thing is, if I shut it down, the next time I wanna turn it on, I might have to try few different ways; hold it up high, blow cold air to the ventilation. It sometimes takes hours to get it on. Now, this is not good. My internship requires me to use laptop. Imagine if I have to spend 2 hours before the laptop is on? =S

Now, for now, the solution is to plug in the back up battery (or I think is also know as CMOS?), turn it on, then turn it off again, disconnect the back up battery, wait for few minutes, turn the laptop on again. And it works. But one hell of a job to start the laptop! Unless I put it on battery everytime I leave for work. Let's hope the battery can last more than an hour! Amin~

This is the CMOS I'm talking about. Apparently it is necessary to change it every 5 years, that is if you're still planning to use the same laptop. =P

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