Thursday, January 7, 2010

In the dark

[Badminton Mode]

I have been following this for quite a while.
The appointment of new guy in double's department. The name is Kim Her? ANyway, I read the news, and before I have expected, Rexy the chief coach for our double teams to be upset about this.
From the news, he seems alright, just "slighted" according to TheStarOnline. Well, I guess he just to readjust the coaching plans again.

Well, whatever it is, with the appointment of new staff in double's coaching I hope the men's doubles team will perform and show us brilliant achievement. By achievement I mean reaching the finals of all the major tournaments. Not being sent back home just at the first freaking 1-3 rounds.

And to women's doubles team, keep up the good work! =)


Ngapaan lo Dan? Jangan ganggu banci!

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