Thursday, January 7, 2010

Help needed here!

Ehem ehem ehem!!

To all my friends,
I have a question to ask. Could anyone kindly answer it? I will pick the best answer LOL

How does a person sound matured?

Thank you


Sound matured...hmmmm
People, people, help me figure this out. I wanna go to forum and talk about it too. That is if no one answer.
Mr J - I guess it depends on what topic you are talking about.
When it comes to things that you really know, you are familiar with, I am sure that you will look like Obama or some great personalities, in the eyes of those who are there listening to you.

That's Mr J, whose name has to be kept secret.



Farah Justme said...
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Farah Justme said...

when he's able to make a decision by himself with a wise judgment. :)


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