Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Hafiz!

Birthday Boy!! Wearing the Tshirt I bought him in Singapore =P hehehe


My favourite - lychee pudding

Fried rice and fried noodle

Donuts, currypuffs, chicken nuggets. My mom was like "Why these kids really like nuggets but not the other foods?" =P

Roti jala + beef curry = KEBABOM!!!

The birthday cake. Booked a whole Chocolate Indulgence cake at Secret Recipe.

Me and the birthday boy. =)


Waiting for guests who were extremely late..Malaysian time =S

His friends

The Three Mischievous Kids that day =_="

More and more people came

His birthday presents. He got lot more last year when he was at Ekhlass International School.
Pictures of Hafiz and his friends

Really tired, and full too. Today 6th January is Hafiz's (who is also affectionately known as Apish in the family =P) birthday. I started helping out Mak as early as 8 am.

This is the list of things that I did
1) Scrubbing the floor outside the house as Mak wanted to have the celebration outdoor.
2) Mopping the floor, and vacuuming it too. Which I did the day before =_=
3) Paid the local grocery a visit for last minute cooking ingredients!
4) And other stuffs. Because I am too freaking busy to write down all those things I did today.

Long story short, I freaking need a sleep...


p/s: I will upload the pics on Facebook and here too. =)

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