Monday, December 21, 2009


Haven't been here for few months, but lots of things have changed. Lil' cousins getting taller, my tok's house is better looking, and few other stuffs. Just hanging out at home, surfing net and watching tv. Maybe tomorrow going to Bukit Bendera, around the island. =)

The girlfriend got herself her own Malaysian number. So touching and cool! XD I'm positive that I am going to Singapore this Monday. Boarding the night bus, probably reach there in the morning? Still got more to plan.

I will be in Penang until 25th, then gonna stay in KL until 27th December. My bro Adib is going back to Kuching that day.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to my bro Adib and my sister Baby. May all your wish come true in the future.

Taking a break from a lon walk a Melbourne Zoo

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