Monday, October 19, 2009


This year, Raya is great! I mean it. Well, the first year wasn't that bad either, just that I had to travel 2 freaking hours to Melbourne that year.
This year, everything is here - in Churchill,Morwell. Err..I didn't get to go to Sale where Abang Zainal's house is because I was sick. Yes, I got sick on the second day of raya, after I got back from Kak Ja's and Abang Akmal's house. And no, it wasn't food poisoning. It's the after-Ramadhan food shock. I shoved too much food on the first day, and no water also. Been drinking juices..That explain a lot =P

So I just wanna upload pictures yo! ;)

1st day - Abang Akmal's and Kak Ja's house.

Candid shot.

The photographer - Abang Kamal and his wife, Kak Lindah, and their cute daughter Nuha.

2nd day - Rumah Abang Zainal. I was sick that day..

They had satay...melepas!!

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AISHAH roslan said...

salam there.
same la. aku pun baru update post raya. lol.


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