Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raya from Malaysia

Abah sent me pictures yesterday, pictures from Raya in Penang. Hahahaha, he just knows that I want to see how everyone looked like on Hari Raya. From the pictures, Mak seems to have lost some weight, can see signs of aging on Abah, Adib as usual - hensem! LOL, Adik as usual..hehehe.., Baby now wearing tudung looks a bit matured =), and last one, Apish..he looks bored! Hahaha I don't think he likes posing for camera. =P

I love this picture. Too bad I wasn't in, it would have been better =P

Adib and Adik showing their teeth, Apish not looking at the camera, Mak looks tired, Abah and his usual family picture face LOL, Baby looks pretty. Hahaha =P

Well, I have nothing against Adib smiling that way but Adik? I'm scared people might find out about his.... 'clean' teeth. If you know what I'm talking about! AHAHHAHAHAH just kidding!

This was taken last Raya. See how things changed so much in just one
I am not sure yet if I will be celerating the next Raya in Malaysia or not. Hard to say. huhuh...
Oh well, that's all people.

p/s:Oh yeah one more pic.

To those who were wondering how big and tall my bro Adik when I told them about him, look at this shall answer all the mysteries...

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