Monday, October 19, 2009

Mid semester 2 break 2009

Apa tengok-tengok?? Ada hutang?

Salam!! Hahaha, chill! That's nothing but just a gimmick! =P Hehehe..well, my mid semester 2 break 2009 was really fun and relaxing. I went on a Great Ocean Road trip on the 26th September - 28th September. It sure was tiring organising a last minute trip but thanks to my imoto - Pam, for being so greatly awesome!! Love ya babe! ;)
Here are the pics.

1st day - Apollo Bay. We stayed at this very dodgy place that I felt bad to have placed the students there... =(
Oh well, at least they enjoyed the trip.. There Pam was about to trip herself.. LOL

Me and Pam at the beach in Apollo Bay.

Awesome view..what a shame the weather wasn't that great.

2nd day - 12 Apostles which now only got 7 left standing.. collapsed the night before...

See how crazily strong the wind was? Our hair tells it all!

Seeking shelter at the information centre of 12 Apostles...or whatever the name is..

Poor soul asking to be spared from the harsh wind

Loch ard gorge..I am not sure if the spelling is right..

Because of the weather, it wasn't safe for us to go down there and see ourselves the Loch ard gorge.

People, this is Pam! Or better known as Pamela Radcliffe!! =P
Just kidding Pam!! hehehe

Nice interior design..In Port Campbell for lunch.

Not the best face ever.. =_=

At Otway Fly. The girlfriend did a stupidly funny pose here last semester. I didn't go on that trip.

Triplet Falls. Kinda awesome..feels like back home in Malaysia, but of course Malaysia is not that cold

A group picture

3rd day - At Lorne, a very beautiful town. Busy and bustling with vehicles. Stop for lunch.

Beach at Lorne. Huhu

This is my favourite pic, taken by Pam. That girl got talent! XD

Hahaha..looks like I can't bring the best of her out in this picture =P

The last day, the weather was great! "We end on a good note!" PamRad 2009

At the beach near the Great Ocean Road sign. A shot of our shadows. =P She dropped her handphone cos she got panicked when I told her I spotted a jellyfish.. @_@

Oh, we had a stop at Kennett River before Lorne to have a look at the koalas. We saw this kookaburra first. This bird is sure famous cos it will pose for the cameras!

View from the top of the hill

Seriously this reminds me of Penang. That's why I wanna bring my family to this Great Ocean Road at the end of this year. XD

A group picture at the Great Ocean Road sign.




That's it people! Salam!!



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