Sunday, October 25, 2009


October has seen me won 2 awards. Me winning awards was totally out of picture last time. I didn't see it coming at all. In a way, it makes my stay in Gippsland memorable..aish, now it feels so hard to say goodbye to Gippsland when the time comes... =(

Me and my friends from ISA. From left Kevin (HK), Alice (China), Pam (you guys remember her, don't you?) Greenie a.k.a Cacat! =P, Tony the president of ISA semester 2 2009 and Sugit (Indonesia).

Worth coming..the meats were all HALAL!! XD

I only knew I was one of the nominees on that night!

And I won that award for Sports and Recreational Outstanding Volunteer Award! Awesome~

Me and my mate John who won the Environment Outstanding Volunteer Award.

After the award. Pam showing off her camwhoring skill!

I won this award during Lodgies Night but I didn't go for that last event of MRS. Oh well, it feels good to be appreciated sometimes ;)

The next day during planting session, Alan the caretaker was driving his trailer behind me. I moved aside, and said "You were planning to run me down weren't you?"

"Nah mate, you're too valuable"

That's all!!

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