Thursday, September 3, 2009

seriously dude!

Man, I thought I will be way, way more productive this Ramadhan. Well, only a bit. You know how everyday when I wake up after Subuh, I am annoyed by my own laziness? Seriously dude!! WAKE UP!!!

On the other hand, had good time break fasting with the Malays. ;) Terubat rindu. Some snapshots of the time I spent with them. Now we have Abang Syed,his wife and 2 kids - Denish and Dania. Abang Syed already got a PR here. Good stuff really. And also we have Mejar Zainal who is from RMAF. He will be working here until next year. He is also with his wife, 2 sons and 1 daughter. Mak was like "Kenapa tak bagitau mak pon orang Penang, abah dulu kerja kat airforce!" hahaha. Sooner or later they will find out about it =P

Rumah Abang Akmal -22/8/2009

Will be in Salam Perantau in Utusan =P Of course not this picture, but the other one.

Rumah Mejar Zainal di Sale - 23/8/2009

Rumah Abang Syed 29/8/2009

I tried making apam balik few days back. Only when I was frying the apam balik I realised apam balik is almost like pancake?

Now this looks almost like kueh tokyo. The small version of apam balik. LOL
But when I fried the apam balik longer, it tasted almost like apam balik. The crispiness, I miss it.. T_T

Oh well, I guess I continue my story sometime this week.


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