Wednesday, September 30, 2009

awesome, productive holidays!

Yeah, last weekend I was on this Great Ocean Road trip organised by ISA. Before this I wasn't interested in this trip, cos there are only rocks! Boy, how wrong I was. The name Great Ocean Road, is truly great!!

I wanna talk more about this, but I am still looking for my memory stick adaptor to upload my pics. Damn!

Oh, I have been doing my lab reports also!! Hahaha, and my only assignment for this semester!! XD

Hmm, I wish bii to get well soon. She always falls sick.. =(

And my prayer goes to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.. I hope my man Sugit will not worry too much and I am praying that his family is alright there. Sugit is my housemate from Padang, Indonesia.

hmmmm..should I end this with..hehehehe? Don't think so. Inappropriate I'd say.

Till then!

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