Monday, September 7, 2009

assignment sket!

Halo and salam! Oh, am taking a break from my critical review. Before this I never heard of it, but I guess it's not too bad eh?

I'm sure a lot of people are aware about genetically modified food. Short form -GM food. Or GMO; genetically modified organism. Well, I have to deal with GM potatoes. Huhuhuhu. Anyway, as I am doing this second assignment of mine, I realised one thing - I couldn't find more than 5 journals investigating on the health risk of GM food. Out of 5, 2 are literature review. So got 3 primary articles. And guess what, these studies show results which are in favour of GM food. Not that I am against GM food or what, just that I couldn't find the famous study led by Arpad Pusztai in which the result showed that GM potatoes fed to rats caused enlargement of gastrointestinal organs.

He was then working at this institute in London, was asked to test the safety of GM foods. After the discover, he got interviewed, yada yada, then got fired, was threatened not to publish the study. I could only find the letter, and abstract of most of his studies on GM foods..hmm

Interesting, no?

I haven't heard of GM one or not? =P

p/s: In case someone's wondering why is it such a big deal having the organs enlarged, it might be precancer, if not cancer.

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