Sunday, September 6, 2009's refreshing...

What is? The bandung cincau I had last night at rumah Abang Kamal. PERGHHH!!! SYIOK!!! If only got ice, then ada UMPPHHH already!! XD
And I forgot to take few pics last night. So no picture at all from rumah Abang Kamal!!

Anyway, we had nasi tomato, sup tulang, daging masak merah, ayam, it's heaven. That was after Maghrib actually. Before Maghrib we had roti jala with curry, bingka roti n home made pizza from the budak2 bujang (tastilicious!!), popia pedas tapi manis, and...kuih lapis? Yeah I think so. So far I haven't contributed anything yet..=_= sigh.. I was planning to let them try kuih kaswi, but by 5 pm still not done yet. And when I got back home last nite, still not done yet!! =_=" I guess not enough tapioca flour? Maybe...

Now, 16 Ramadhan, the second half of Taqwa Cup has begun. So, I am gonna do better than the previous half, Insya Allah.

Hmm no sad...

Till then..salam


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