Saturday, August 22, 2009

the start

Praise be to God, I managed to wake up at 4 am to prepare my sahur. I couldn't sleep really, until 2.30 am. So that means I only had like 1.5 hours of sleep? Hahaha, its all good.

Had a quite a long convo with my family last night. Got a lot of stuffs to catch up with; budak gemok with his 'H1N1' symptoms, Apish and his bleeding nose, Mak with the ayam organik thing. Hahaha.. my bro Adib, all the way from Sarawak texted me, wishing me all good in this month. Thanks a lot bro! ;)

I had daging masak merah and my signature dish, fried cabbage. This time, with soy sauce not turmeric. Bugger..forgot to snap a pic of my sahur..

ANyway, while I was cooking I got this message from Bii, she was about to go to bed, and will wake up later around 5 am Singapore time, 7 am Melbourne time. Wish you have a good day ahead of you =)

Well it's already Subuh, so I better get going to pray now. Till then, I wish all Muslims around the world, Ramadhan al Mubarak! May this Ramadhan be better than last year's.

Peace out

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