Monday, August 17, 2009

Miss y'all

I guess at certain points of our lives, we will stop, reminisce and smile to ourselves. And the crowd that walk past by will be like, "Siao!"


2 nights ago, I had this dream. I was with my high school friend but I cant remember who is it. Anyway, we went to this, orphanage kinda place (seriously, I dono what is that place). There, we saw all of our high school friends, but the ones I remember vividly - John a.k.a Ridhuan Amri, Nije a.k.a Nizam, Fazlina, Nawal, Hasniza and if I'm not wrong Aishah also was there? Hahahah..

Me and my friend were surprised to find them there. So we spent our time talking, catching up, having meals together. The thing is I remember how the place looked like. The old surau in SESMA, the wooden one. It was quite nostalgic. Somehow, my friends asked the ustaz in charge of the place to let me and my friends stay there for a while, but he refused. And then I said, its ok, next time we will visit you guys again. They just nodded, and waved. At that instance, tears just flowed down my cheeks. I thought I was still in that dream, but I was actually awake! It's hard to describe how I felt that time, there was nothing sad about that dream but I actually came to tears!! Wah lao...

Just now, I decided to check my batch website. I still remember the link, I bet everyone has not been paying that old site a visit. So to my SESMARIAN batch 27, nah, the link

I've done this before, but I just feel like doing it again. Try to find me in this picture. HUahauhauhauah!!! =P

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