Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saya sayang mak saya, tapi..

"Saya sayang mak, tapi mak pukul, mak pukul rotan besar."

I was about to burst into tears as I read the line. How can a 6 years old toddler be put through such beatings just because the guardian feels life is complicated and difficult? Life is difficult. Everyday you have to make some decision that risk you your carefree lifestyle, your friends perhaps, or family even. And many other stuffs. Still, no excuse to cause such injuries to children..

I just realised that I like, I want to please other people. Without thinking much, I will always say Yes or Ok. To my expense.
Friends, I wonder really what they are? Are they just your family members and your guy buddies? Or can they be anyone that is supportive of you and everything you do? Or those who just want you to go their ways just because "we are friends". I don't know dude. But I love friends who even though know how the truth can hurt me, still find a way to make it reaches to me in the most harmless way possible lol. I can tell sometimes..
kepada teman teman cowok gue, terima kasih.
yang cew, gue ngk tau apa yang harus diucapkan.

I miss the time when i was in my 1st year dearly, me and the boys, worry nothing but assignments and the next trip to city. Hows Thaya? Derek?


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