Monday, February 2, 2009

Minggu penuh makna?

I keep watching these two events which took place sometime last week... memorable ones..

Erdogan vs Peres

I've been thinking, apart from praying for the unfortunates in Gaza and some other contributions, what else can I do? Well, when I watched in the news what happened in Davos, I was all smile, pleased.....

In your face!!!!!!!
'nuff said....

Federer vs Nadal

I have to say, I no longer hate Nadal since Wimbledon last year? I mean, he has proved himself a great champion to be when he beat Federer in the final on the grasscourt, Federer's favourite court. Well, I admit I was jealous of him, he is the same age as me, yet he achieves a lot in his life. =P

The match was last night was really a thrill to watch. Nadal's strength is his endless stamina, also the body strength he has been training for years. While Federer, I'd say his long years being a great player help him in executing some of the trickiest shots I've ever seen. Alas, him being older somehow might partly be the reason he couldn't compete with Nadal when it comes to stamina, energy. Nadal was just unstoppable last night. Well, there were many times I thought Nadal could have won, and then I changed my mind, Nope, maybe Federer can win, yada yada yada at the end I just gave up and decided to watch the match until the end. Congrats Nadal for the first title down under, and congrats Federer for giving all out. ;)

Both players are my favourites now. I will not forget them

They made it memorable..both of them

That's it people, woohoo!!!


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