Monday, February 23, 2009

group chat!

Last night, i got into a chat conference or chat group on MSN. I was like, "nani??!!" lol
ANyways, it turned out great,better than just chatting one on one, everyone can be as stupid as they always are =P and we kept talking rubbish, cracking jokes, and of course, always being VAIN
"Im cooler", "No, Im gorgeous! =P" "I am awesome" and all those stuff.
It sure is great to be able to meet up like that as if we are still in I sure miss those days...

Derek's Birthday! XD

Culture Night 2008Badminton Sem 1 2008 (suicide jump =P )

Moving in West 9

Michael's Farewell

SRA Ball

Footy Trip Collingwood vs Sydney

My 21st Birthday

Gown Day

Gippsland Open 2008 =P

Raya 2008 (never took any pic during the feast lol)

Raya Shopping!!

One Unusual Foggy Morning..

Badminton Club End of Year Gathering
Pre birthdays celebration =P

Makan makan night

Pre exam outing night!

Post Exam Outing 1 - Melbourne Zoo

Post Exam Outing 2 - Mornington Peninsula

Post Exam Outing 3 - Yina's Farewell

Yihorng's Birthday!

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