Sunday, February 22, 2009


Oh I thank God...after the day of depression =P I spent the whole day at Uni after a few emails sent and received from Kingsley and Eric (all about badminton works..) I just sat at a booth set up by the Health, Wellbeing and Development Centre with Byron. I must say, it was much better being there than alone at home...unless well, I have my Xbox 360 with me =P

And that night, I played basketball with Zoon, and Zoon suddenly got interested in playing tennis. Lol though it was fun having to take turn throwing the tennis ball, my right arm hurt a bit.

But yesterday was much better. I mean, at least I managed to break the 'shy, timid' wall and got to know another pingpong companions, Fong from Singapore and Joyce from Malaysia.Poor Fong, always being bullied by Hitomi and Violet, the other new international girls. lol
And yeah, I also went to Kak Jah and Abang Akmal's house for lunch. There, I got to meet those 4 guys who transferred here from Monash Sunway. They are doing surprisingly well; already have a car, their house is furnished and now they all planning to go for a trip to Lake Entrance. So probably next Saturday I will be going as well. So this is the Churchill's Malay community first outing. XD

Hmmm...there is a trip to Melbourne today, but don't feel like going. Well it's for the new international students, though Kai said there are 5 seats left. See how...I got less than 20 minutes to decide XD


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