Monday, February 9, 2009

All over the world...*sigh*

From middle east to south east asia, from south east asia to down under....

I have been following news bout the bush fire since Semun informed me about it 2 weeks ago. Poor fella, but I bet now he's enjoying his time in Vietnam..hahhaha =)

As soon as I found out that the fire started somewhere in Boolarra, I was worried as I wondered what are the fate of the one family which I treat as my own in Boolarra, the Bricks...I was just hoping that they were fine.. still I sent an email to Samantha just to check them out. It was a relief to finally receive a reply two days ago.

Hi Danial

Thanks for your email and lovely to hear from you again.

Yes we are fine. The fires got to about 1 km away. Very scary.

So what are you doing this year?


Samantha & family

Bushfire happens naturally in some forests in Australia comes summer. It is essential for this to happen as it is how the soil gets back the nutrients consumed by the trees in the forest, well, that is what I remember from my lesson in first year.

However this year bushfire has turned out to be "hell" as described by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and the authority in Victoria does not rule out the possibility that some of the fire that took place was an act of irresponsible human being. I could sense Kevin Rudd's bitterness and anger "What do you say? What do you say? ...."

I hope the people I know back in Gippsland are all safe, and my condolonce to those who lost their loved ones....

p/s: it was heartbreaking to see two elderly women broke in tears as they lost all their belongings and houses in the fire...after all the hard see, owning a house in Australia costs a lot of money..well I don't know the correct term for the problem faced in paying mortgage pardon my lack of vocab.....

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