Monday, January 26, 2009

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1. I don't wanna be fat...I believe I already said this million times...
2. I am still single.. HUAHAUHAUHUAHAU!! publisiti murahan!!
3. Currently at home doing nothing cool like practical or internship like some of my friends so just stop bugging me with the questions like "tak keje ke?", "eh, buat apa kat rumah". I only do babysitting, some vacuum, gardening, and driving too.
4. I hate those people who pretend they wanna know about how my life is when they show no interest at all.
5. I plan to train some orphans to be elites/commandos/mercenaries whatever you call them.. =P
6. I believe the sufferings I've seen so far in this world can drive people I?
7. I know sometimes 2 years ago the purpose of debating is not to sway the other party off their principles but to get the audience to be on your slow.. *sigh*
8. Is it wrong for me to have a liking towards Japanese girls?? lol
9. I think Malay girls are pretty, just like Jamal Abdillah's song "siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan.."
10.There is still hope as long as you can produce offsprings..that's what I believe in case I can't change the world
11.I think it doesn't matter really what race my friend is, as long as we get along well!! SeKEPALA BEB!!!
12.If only I can be more honest when it comes to my family... if you know what I mean
13.I seldom appreciate family when they are close to me, partly due to me being away since 13 years old..but I think I improve a bit now..I control my temper really good this day =)
14.I don't wanna be like the guy in the Petronas Chinese New Year's ad...
15.I wanna get at least one HD come this new semester!! YEAH!!
16.I am looking forward to another great, fun moment in Gippsland!!
17.Oh yeah..I almost forgot, I really, really don't like it when people keep saying "Poor thing you got this place (Gippsland) instead of Melbourne", "Kesian ko, datang jauh-jauh, relaks la", "Eh ada makanan halal tak kat sana?" Can you just stop it with those stupid dumb annoying questions if you really are brilliant sponsored students from Malaysia??? About the food, you think I can't cook or what?? !@#$%^
18.I almost don't like going to Melbourne because I don't want to meet those people who ask these stupid dumb !#$%^ questions.
19.Most people there also like to judge books by the covers... tch!
20.I rarely get mad now, only when I have to clean up again because Apish just messed up the place... hehehe...
21.I hope that I will be like my dad who is still not overweight, and with no grey sign of ageing I would say...
22.Thank God my eyesight is still good =) SYukur
23.One thing for sure - I love my family, Mak Abah Adib Adik Baby Apish, the fams in Penang - Tok and all, the fams on my dad's side Wan and all, my BFF =) you know who you are, and the people who might have changed my life for good..for the better.
24.I am not sure if I am doing what the Instruction asks me to in this tag.... =P
25.Hmmm... I wanna get married by 27 years old ROFL

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