Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally..LEPAS RINDU hehehe =P

I got to meet up with my best-est friendss!!! finally!! XD

This is Moja, as in Moja Mojacko!! =P

I stayed over at Mujahid's place a.k.a Moja. One of my best friends when I was in high school. Looks like he is still the same..only that he smokes now..hahahaha =P

And then, met up with my Gippsland BFFs!! XD
I met them last Wednesday at One Utama, The Curve. I was actually a bit speechless... XP
This is Yihorng a.k.a Titi..hehe
This is Reshme a.k.a Mimi..hehehe too... =P
Oh..this is Greenie..should I let people know what's her 'other' name? *evil*
Of course, this is the blog owner. Hehehe *cool*

All in all, I had great time seeing them after such a long time. I hadn't seen Moja since SPM and my Gippsland BFFs since December. Hehehe...

Whereever you guys are, I wish you guys are all happy and safe. =)


Greenie said...

~!@#$%^&*( my nickname?! Bleah!
Who is titi's bf huh?!

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

huh?? i don understand hahahahhaa
CACAT!! hhaha
thanks for dropping by ;)

Greenie said...

Titi's boyfriend is u! Big cow! Bleah!

ReShMe said...

hey u!! haha i look horrid in my pic!! and im not mimi!
im gorgeous! LOL

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

what? who's big cow?? !@#$%^ =P

haha well got people like that, not nice in d pics but really really pretty when see face to face =P
u looked gorgeous what that nite? hehe


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