Thursday, January 1, 2009

damn day one

Tonight, me, Adik and Abah were on our way to masjid for Isyak prayer. Abah drove the car. Nothing unusual tonight, just the same dark, cloudy night, and I was looking down the road when I saw from the left side of the road!!!!

of course not ghost, but A CAT RUNNING TO CROSS THE ROAD!!!!! and

BUMP!! a loud thud

we were all shocked and I think the cat is dead by now. but Abah said, the cat hit the bumper, or actually the bumper hit the cat..though I am really really sure, positive that the car's tyres already ran over the cat...


damn day one

but I hope and pray to God that the cat just had a scratch, or maybe still have another 8 lives to spare.....afterall cats have 9 lives, dont they? =P

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