Thursday, December 18, 2008

apa aku dah makan dan buat??

My faourite! Keria!!!!

I've been eating most of the times. But I believe I haven't gained a considerable amount of weight..yet =P So far my face still doesn't look round. Hehehe...
The first thing in the morning for breakfast, I went out with my Abah and Mak for our favourite nasi kandaq stall in Bayan Lepas..though the gravy was not as thick and spicy as I recalled it used to be, still THUMBS UP!! XD's been a long time since I helped cleaning out the lawn in front of my grandmom's house. This sure brings back memory, as a kid me and my bro used to help our late grandfaher whom we call Tok Wan to gather all the dried leaves. But if my memory serves me right, we always made things messier LOL

My grandmom lives by herself at home, though most of the times my little cheeky cousins will drop by her house and play. Whenever other families balik kampung, the boys will sleep outside together..most of them are kids...and only me and my bro are the adults?grown ups?
See the big buns in my sis and bro's hands? Those are the best and famous roti kaya in least to me they are =P
Pasembuq (pasembur) in Gurney Drive. It was okay, not as good as I thought it would be...

Yong tau foo at Dataran in JB. It was good. Maybe I was just too hungry..

What left of the famous nasi beriani in Singapore, ZamZam Restaurant.



feena said...

ni ko ade saka pak arab ke, melahap habis ni.hihi..bestnye nasi kandaq!

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha ada la sikit sikit kot? huahuahuahauahuahauha!!


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