Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanks to my buddy for...

This morning as usual I headed to the kitchen thinking whether I should have scrambled eggs with or without vegie sausages. Opened the fridge, and guess what did I find?? No, not someone's pinkie you sadist!!


So sweet of him =P Ok, to clear any misunderstanding, I'm straight! LOL

CAKES AND A NOTE FROM MA BUDDY CALVIN!!! He left the cake for me, Dicky, Varun and Jacky. By now he should already be celebrating his birthday with his family and friends back home. Man, thanks a lot! Really appreciate it. Really saved me from wasting my brain cells thinking what should I have for breakfast. =P And I didn't get to give his birthday present, blame the exam for that!! (lol really not a good excuse Dan..)

Fuuhh...hope I can make it smoothly tomorrow...err, what am I doing here blogging? Jaa ne!! =P

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