Sunday, November 2, 2008

Someone's birthday tomorrow...dare no tanjoobi?? ROFL

Salam and greetings. Say ~lalalala~ =P

Taking a break from studying now. Tomorrow got to meet Kingsley, will be joined by Eric and some of the committee. Looks like they have decided to demolish the binishell sometimes this summer or maybe next semester. The badminton club will be affected by this of course, having 2 sessions there every week. So now...where are we to have our club's activity next semester??

Could it be here??? Hehe...

Im gonna score these last two papers, and then summer break!! Hoorah!!

I will be staying here in Hulu Gippsland for about 5 weeks, until 11 Dec. On that day before I leave Australia, I will be there, the graduation ceremony celebrating Reshme and Yihorng!! HOORAHH to those two!! My flight? MAS, 1545. Probably arriving at 2045, waktu Malaysia XP

What I'm gonna do this coming 5 weeks?? Hahaha later, save it for later...


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