Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ulangtahun ke-21 = 21st birthday or u wanna it to be anniversary?? =P *UPDATED*

Sambung.. XD

The cake baked by Yina!

Thanks people!!!
With Greenie and Matthew a.k.a Sung Woo

With the middle children =P
Trying out the shirt from Greenie! Nice XD

Top left:Kai, me and Yihorng, thanks for the lovely meals!! Top right:Arjun, me and Matthew. My terrified face is kinda funny..=P
Middle left: Semun, my best buddy and me. Middle right: Varun, Dicky my housemates and Tommy surprised me with the birthday gift
Bottom left: With the girls, Wanyi and Xinyi! Bottom right: With my chatbox, Ivy Chow!! XD

Kai, Ben, Tommy, Dicky and me
Lovely Reshme LOL

Couldn't get enough of the cake =P

Thanks to ma man, Yihorng for the pics!!! XD


mashimarossa said...


Happy belated birthday to u!

and to myself!

bestnyer celebrate birthday~

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

yep saa. sorry lambat =)


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