Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mesra mall??

the long awaiting attraction in Kerteh, finally...

MEsra Mall nama diberi XD

Ape lagi eh?

"sx msk dlm tu mcm kt KLCC,, bosar uge,, ak bjet kecik jer" Ermie Adnan 2008. Terjemahan - sekali masuk dalam tu macam kat KLCC, besar jugak, aku ingat kecik jer.

"macam macam lah juga dalam tu, ada kedai game, budak2 ni boleh la nak beli game apa nanti" Abah 2008. more or less thats what he said =P

And i heard some locals are against Giant being open there. Affect the small businesses. Well I dont think they will totally go out of business... two options; move on and plan a backup plan for your retirement plan or keep protesting eventhough Giant has been opened, and frequented by others.

Doesnt matter how cheap the stuff r, people will still find groceries much convenient, say to buy rokok LOL and some other emergencies, like u run out of rempah adabi, u wont be rushing to giant just to get 1 sachet of sup bunjut adabi right? n to get d fresh santan, i think my mom will stll prefer kedai Kak Su. =P

Oh, I wanna go to Mesra Mall!! XD

UPDATE: They have secret recipe!!! XD hoorah!!!! and bowling!!! XD if only they have gloria jeans instead of starbucks =P


AISHAH roslan said...

salam. yessss, m going back soon. iAllah ;)

Snubby, Don of Anime said...

hai. saya bukak secret recipe di mesra mall tu. datanglah makan di kedai kami. we always appreciate customer yg mmg fan mknn2 dlm kedai kami.

zermyeadnan said...

biase jer ... skrg ni byk dh cmlete... tingal bowling bkak next month o ths mnth,,,, n giant tu x thu pe crte..ksian kt giant kn,, dlu kt kL pun pnah jd gk cmni sx,,,


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