Saturday, October 25, 2008

1 down 3 to go

Salam y'all

1 down 3 to go. Im hoping I get a C for this one. Pray hard to God it will come true T_T Internal mark for that unit really2 chance for a D..

The next paper, will be next Thursday. Microbial Function and Immunology. I want a good result for this unit. My favourite unit though I skipped most of the lectures.. =P My internal mark was pretty good too, so yeah, lets try hard now Dan!!

And I wish my bros, Adib and Adik, and all my friends; Reshme, Greenie, Yihorng, Yina, Dicky, Varun, Jacky, blablablablabla - the best of luck in exam =)

p/s: just pretend ur name is there if u cant find it XD

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