Sunday, September 28, 2008

The start of mid sem break!!

Last 2 weeks were disasterrific.... a lot of assignments, reports, all those stuff. And once again I blame myself for procrastinating..."if only..if ..if" Well this is nothing new. Almost every semester. But this semester is the worst!! Aish.. still got time, lets do our best now!!! And as a a matter of fact, Im doing 2 reports due the week after this mid sem break and 1 assignment due tomorrow..hoho...jadi budak baik kejap!! Oh Ramadhan is about to leave us. I feel sad cos on a personal note, i dont think i really make use of Ramadhan this year, unlike last year when every night i would go to Uni for Isyak jemaah and Terawih prayer as well.. now...SODOM (solat dalam dorm/bilik) a term which my teacher in high school who is a warden, disciplinary teacher, invented last time..LOL
Anyway, pics showing my 'journey' home after handing in the last report/task for last week....

On my way to hand in my report, spotted these two geese..THEY WERE HUGE!!! I mean I was really far from them but they looked huge even from that distance...crazy man. Even my buddy Byron was also shocked himself.. And later that evening 2 girls got themselves into a wild goose chase....

Love pretty..

I have always wanted to get a photo of this blooming tree...finally..

The sun...where is it?

It is spring now...but not all will bloom.


Lengang... balik kampung for Raya!! LOL

Me and Tommy looking for one missing ball...

The tennis court...where the battle always takes place..

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