Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hari jadi aku

Sesungguhnya, tak cukup rasanya apa yang kuucapkan, segala puji pujian kepadaNya atas nikmat 21 tahun hidup di dunia ini.

I feel loved, blessed with loving family, caring, supportive friends. May God bless all of you!!!

Thanks for the message Mak, I will always try to be a good son. Takkan hampakan Mak.
Thanks for the surprise Dicky, Tommy and Ben. Really, sorry for being so slow and dense. I pick up things really slow, but I got what you guys trying to do. Thanks for the present as well Dicky, Tommy...what a present..
Thanks for the dinner Greenie, Reshme, Yina, Yi Horng, Kai, Ivy, Grace. Really made my night. I wasn't expecting that kind of dinner. As I said before, I'm the slow type one, I thought just normal2 dinner. Only when I stepped inside your house I realised, "Eh, for me?" Thanks a lot, terima kasih, xie xie, merci beaucoup, arigato gozaimasu!!
Thanks Semun for the cap/hat, really looks good on me. And thanks for coming even though you are not feeling well. You are the first friend I know when I first came here, we met at the airport, just in case you forget that. =P
Thanks Calvin, Caryn for the cards and wishes. Thanks Daphne, Ying, Afiq, Jelly a.k.a Farawahida =P, Ching Yee, Matthew, Rennie, Arjun for the wishes. Really.



alonq_exe said...

Assalamualaikum Danial!
Selamat hari lahir. Semoga berkat bulan Ramadhan ni berterusan utk sepanjang usia.


iklizz said...

terima kasih Qamarus =)

AISHAH roslan said...

salam. hepi bday! semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki ... amin

iklizz said...

terima kasih aishah

Adibah said...

Hope its still not too late to wish you A Belated Birthday Danial :-) - aunty Mossavi

Daoz said...

hey dude.epi blated bday!


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