Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go Malaysia Go!

People might not know much about other national badminton players, only Lee Chong Wei, Roslin Hashim, Hafiz Hashim, Wong Choon Hann, Boon Heong-Kien Keat, Choon Ming-Wan Wah. How about the women? Yeah2, got few good players, Wong Mew Choo who won the China Open last year!! Oh yeah!! Still Im following the other players development, especially Eei Huey-Pei Tty. They never won any international tournaments despite being in finals for I dono how many times. But they did win a gold medal for Malaysia in Commonwealth games ok. And tomorrow, or will it be today? They will be in Japan's Open final against new players from China.

And I absolutely, 100% behind Chong Wei when he said Malaysia need to send more youngsters to international tournament, show them how the players from other countries fare at global stage. Before this I thought Tsuen seng (eh how to spell his name..forget already..) can take over Lee Chong Wei. But looks like the lad hasnt been performing well, and now playing with KLRC somemore. Not that KLRC is not a good club but....

At least last time we got Choon Hann, then Roslin and Hafiz Hashim before Lee Chong Wei joined the club. Chong Wei is doing good now but who knows for how long? So come on Rashid, whadya say about letting your players play more often outside Malaysia? XD


GO MALAYSIA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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