Monday, August 25, 2008

random post from my other blog

Ive always been a fan of Japan, dono why =P. Anyway ive been encountering 3 Japan-ish..
Miso soup, Japanese schoolgirls performing oke (orchestra) in Monash Uni, then sushi for dinner...

Okay, i love sushi..but i had too much of em...dat i feel like throwing up just thinking about sushi, especially the smell of wasabi n d soy sauce....oh shit...

N yeah, d sushi i made, was terrible, i mean d shape of course, d taste s still nice =PP
Dickys ones were all good. Haha!!

Anyway i feel bad for not going to south to talk to greenie, chit chat. well i feel bad already going to south, feel like im disturbing her n reshme. huhuhu.

sort em out later.

Salam =)

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