Friday, September 8, 2017


My apologies for this long silence. Been busy with things that just happened to fall into place. Hahahaha apadiaaaa

By the way, I should have been on a flight to Kota Kinabalu, right about now, with my other friends for our Gunung Kinabalu climb. But guess what, I failed to bring myself to tell them that I cannot make it due to work and personal issues. Well, let's just say, my limited Annual Leaves plus my wedding 2 weeks ago made it not possible for me to be away for another 4 more working days.

Eh, what? My wedding?

They see me spinning, they hating

Yeah, yours truly here is married alhamdulillah! It's a long story, one that I may pen down for another time, another post.

So, back to my Kinabalu trip.

I have been like an ostrich so far when it comes to dealing with problems and believe me, it is not healthy. Why ostrich, you ask? Ostrich has this habit of burying its head in the ground, believing that since it cannot see the threats coming, the threats will not do it harm. What a conveniently irresponsible way to live hahaha

So, my writing this post is actually supposed to give me the guts that I seem to misplace, to apologise to my friends about my bailing out on them.

Oh, ya. Pretty twisted way to come out of a hiatus.

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plain83 said...

Woahhh hey congrats! Selamat pengantin baru Danneh! :D

Now contact your friends and apologize for your 'ostrichness'... X'D


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