Saturday, November 13, 2010


One of the things I like being with my family, the food part. Hahahaha. Last night dinner we went to this Moroccan style restaurant somewhere near the Subang Airport. I thought it would be one glamorous kind of place, but got no customers there. In fact the mamak's next door also got no customers. Weird really..

Anyway, back to the story. It's a Moroccan style alright, but they still serve other type of foods, like the Thais and Western. I thought the price was gonna be a bit expensive than normal one but I was wrong. Nasi Goreng Cina - RM4, Nasi Goreng Pattaya - RM4.50. And the servings? Not like the ones you get at any other typical, normal restaurant. HUGE SERVINGS!

Me and my dad shared this Moroccan dish called Chicken Tagine. I remember having Fish Tagine for the Culture Night 2009 with the theme i-Spice. Though I don't remember how it tasted and looked like. Hahaha. When my dad said he wanna share with me, I was like, he doesn't think I can finish it myself??

Before the rice was brought in. Man...the taste is awesome!

Yeah, I really couldn't have finished it myself. Luckily my mom didn't order another Lamb Tagine. I could just imagine the wasted food in the bin. I must say it was a really delicious meal ever tasted. I guess because I never tried something like this before hehehe.

But what's still bothering me is how come such a really good restaurant, with good service, good food, good price, got not that many customers? I thought people go out on Friday nights to eat to death?



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