Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monsoon's Coming

Running through the monsoon,
Beyond the world, 
Till the end of the time,
Where the rain won't hurt,
Fighting the storm,
Into the blue,
When I lose myself I think of you,
Together we'll be running somewhere new,
Through the monsoon

Tokio Hotel - Monsoon

That was one of our favourite songs when we play Rock Band last time. Well, I'm not gonna talk about my good old days in Gippsland. I bet you guys are sick of reading the same stuff LOL. Blame my dad, he loves telling stories from his good old days too and  I absolutely take after him.

The weather now is not getting any sunnier. Morning starts off with the black clouds hovering in the sky, then in the afternoon it will be a bit sunny. And then around 3,4 pm, it starts to rain. And I often fall asleep around that time. Yeah, I know not a good habit, because of that I'm feeling lazier now.

I wonder if the Kerteh police station is gonna get flooded again like last year. Which was actually the first time it ever got flooded.

One good thing about the monsoon - I won't sweat a lot. But I wonder if it's gonna rain too in KL. hmmm


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