Friday, September 17, 2010

The Royal Affair

In this South East Asia region, Thailand, Brunei and Malaysia are the countries that still have its own respective royal family. Though the role of royal family doesn't seem as significant to some people, but the people of these countries look up to the royal families.

I know that the Thais take things related to their royal family seriously. If a comedian makes a joke on the royal family, believe me, that joker is not gonna leave Thailand, alive. Though I heard about a video aired on ABC about the Thai royal family and how it had caused and uproar over there. Not entirely sure what it's all about and since I just got back I can't be bothered to check it =P.

Anyway, I just wanna show you guys this -

I saw this on Facebook, a friend of mine was tagged on this photo. The caption was -
Ya Allah, sejuknye hati aku..xpernah aku nampak seorang Raja begitu rendah diri kepada seorang ulama.......Allahu Akbar.......

I sure have heard a lot of stories about this new Sultan of Kelantan when he was still a prince. All the good ones of course. I don't know how true and reliable are those stories but seeing how he dressed up like this in the photo really got me all impressed. A king, who before God praying got himself at the same level as the rakyat. No fancy dress and all.

Don't get things wrong, I'm not saying other Sultans are not good or berjiwa rakyat. As a matter of fact, I heard of this one good story about Sultan Mizan. He was just crowned to be the Sultan. So of course got all the parades to every district in Terengganu. One day, Sultan Mizan was riding his bike to Kuala Berang/Marang, and he saw this pakcik was still working on a pintu gerbang even though it was so late already. He asked the pakcik, Buat apa? The pakcik replied, kena buat pintu gerbang untuk Sultan. Dah lambat macam ni pon kena buat lagi.

The Sultan was furious that an old pakcik had to be troubled for his parade. He ordered for all the pintu gerbang to celebrate his parade to not be erected. I find that story an example of a king who cares for the people. I don't know about you guys. Hahaha =P

Now, I suddenly remember the Korean drama - Goong.


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